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The Color of My Dreams

The calligraphed Photo does not refer to photographs, but rather to photo in its Latin meaning of light. The Spanish painter’s works ask for an active contribution of the viewer, who is called on to complete the meaning of the canvas and work out why blue is the color of dreams and how the two elements relate to one another. The relationship between color and symbolism is strong in Miró’s oeuvre, who also worked with color field painting, in which the color itself becomes the subject of the artwork. via

After a Dip, the Market for Gerhard Richter’s Work Is Back on Solid Footing. Here’s Which Bodies of Work Are Thriving

Despite the fact that the trade in large Richter abstracts has slowed down a bit, the overall market is still going strong, albeit at a lower level, numerous auction experts and advisors said.


At Phillips’s recent major summer auction, a picture titled Abstraktes Bild (801-3) (1994) hammered at just over $3 million, a hair above its high estimate. (With fees, it went for $3.7 million.)


Since the sale, there have been two more private Richter sales for similar works and at similar prices, says Jean-Paul Engelen, Phillips’s deputy chairman.


But in the past, when demand has risen and driven up estimates, activity has intensified. “Then you hit the point where it breaks, and you have to restart about 20 percent lower. Now it feels very solid again,” Engelen says. via

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